About us

Space Refinery is a rapidly growing workspace design & build studio based in Brussels, Belgium. We’re passionate about businesses’ ability to solve big challenges for society and believe a well-designed work environment can be the catalyst needed to build a dream team and achieve the most ambitious goals.

We’re on a mission to design & build uplifting, friction-free workspaces for every team to enhance productivity, stimulate creativity, and foster interactions. Our creations are unique expressions of our clients’ company culture, making their team happy and helping them to attract new talents.

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Working with us

Working at Space Refinery means having the opportunity to create amazing workspaces for tomorrow's leading businesses. You'll change lives and make a lot of people smile.

The team

You'll love working with our international team - we speak 10+ languages and come from countries around the world. Some people have been working remotely since the beginning, others are in the office almost every day.

We're a real team, not just individuals working at the same company - we help each other succeed in our mission, we celebrate our wins & face difficulties together.

But pictures say more than a thousand words, so here we are - all smiles.

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The culture

We're guided by strong values. We always keep a positive mindset, we're optimists because we know everything can be figured out. We're creative thinkers, we spot opportunities where others don't see them. We're curious, eager to learn, and never afraid to fail in the process.

We trust each other, we know we're not alone. We appreciate each other's work and we're grateful to work with other passionate individuals that strive to become better every day.


The work environment